2014 Ariens Classic LM 21 S


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Classic LM 21 S


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A very nice Aricens classic mower. This one has the Kawasaki engine and fixed front wheels.


You will comfortably roll right along with this walk behind mower... thanks to an ergonomically designed multi-position handlebar that reduces wrist and hand fatigue... use the adjustment brackets to easily dial in one of six cutting heights for a professionally manicured look... to keep you rolling... the mower’s baked-on powder coated finish resists the effects of moisture, fertilizers and chemicals for years of reliable performance... it’s all right here... to dependably cut all your grass out there.

  • Model #: 911193
  • Cutting Width: 21 in.
  • Cutting Heights: 1 in. - 3.25 in.
  • Cutting Positions: 6
  • Engine Type: Kawasaki® FJ180V
  • Engine Displacement: 179cc
  • Drive System: Infi-speed® Variable speed drive - Disc-O-Matic
  • Fuel Capacity: 0.53 gal. (2L)
  • Ground Speed: 4 mph
  • Deck Material: 14 ga
  • Deck Construction: Stamped
  • Lawn Dethatcher: Over time your lawn will accumulate a layer of thatch (old grass clippings, dead roots and other small debris). The Ariens Dethatcher combs thatch and clippings to the surface where they can easily be bagged or re-mulched.
  • Mulch Master Plug: Use the Ariens 21 in. Mulch Master Plug for Classic Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers to close off the rear discharge opening of your mower. This creates a cutting chamber that shreds grass into tiny clippings that help feed your lawn and keep it neat and clean.
  • Rear Bagger Kit: Baggers are the perfect addition to any walk behind mower when the grass is too tall to mulch or when you need to dispose of the lawn clippings fast. The large capacity bag quickly mounts to your mower.
  • Mulching Kit: Mulching Kit for Classic Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers helps you feed your lawn and keep it looking sharp as you mow. The bit's baffles fit underneath the deck to form cutting chambers for each blade to cut grass into tiny shreds.
  • Leaf Shredder Kit: The Ariens 21 in. Leaf-Shredder Kit is an easy-to-install accessory that shreds leaves and debris to make composting and disposal convenient.
  • Straight Axle Conversion Kit: Transform your front swivel wheels into a straight axle. This easy to install accessory is designed to fit on Ariens 21 In. Classic Walk Behind Lawn Mowers with the front swivel wheel design.
  • Swivel Wheel Kit: The Ariens Swivel Wheel Kit for Ariens 21 in. Classic Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers transforms a conventional walk-behind mower into a zero-radius machine. This kit is designed to help make mowing the yard an easier, less stressful job.
  • Bag-N-Drag: The Ariens Bag and Drag Kit for Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers helps you transport and dispose yard clippings conveniently. The bag-and-drag assembly features an attached wheel for easy movement when the bag becomes too heavy to lift.
  • Walk Behind Lawn Mower cover: Protect your mower with this durable cover to keep the weather off your machine.?



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
179 cc


Infi-speed® Variable speed drive - Disc-O-Matic
Fuel Capacity
0.53 gal. (2L)


Deck Size
21 in.
Discharge Type
Side; Optional: Mulch, Bag