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Musser’s Lawn and garden was established by Roman Musser in 1968. Along a side street in the little town of Rothsville, Roman opened the doors to his personal 2-car garage to begin meeting the lawn equipment needs of the community. He began simply by sharpening mower blades. Soon this led to performing other repairs. Eventually he began selling new equipment also.

Ten years after Musser’s Lawn and Garden began, the garage was just too small to hold the growing business. A new shop had to be built. On August 26, 1978, was ground breaking day for a new building.

As Roman’s family grew older, his sons began spending time working alongside Dad. Roman’s second son Stan never left the business. On July 1 st, 1996 Stan became part owner as he remains today.

In time they were again maxing out their building. Despite another building addition, a portable storage shed and using every inch of space available, there just wasn’t enough room to store or display all the equipment. Stan had been dreaming of once again building a new shop, but where could be build that wasn’t too far away from all his current customers? In 2011 a building about a mile away became available. In December of that year renovations began to transform the building from a distribution center for the Badorf Shoe Company into the new Musser’s Lawn and Garden. In March of 2012 the project was complete and Musser’s moved into their current location at 1633 Rothsville Road.

Fifty years ago Musser’s was founded on principals of hard work, trust-worthiness, and dependability. Today we continue to operate on these same principals. We give thanks to the Lord for how he has abundantly blessed us, and strive to bring Him honor and glory in every area of our business.

So whether you are a homeowner taking care of your lawn or a commercial landscaper serving your customers, we are here for you. It is our goal to provide you with quality at a fair price. We look forward to serving you!

Remember: When it comes to lawn equipment, Musser’s is a MUST!

About Musser's Lawn and Garden
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